Google’s ‘Google Fit’ the health app is now available on iOS

There are plenty of health apps on iOS like Apple Health, Fitbit to name the few which certainly shows that there is not a lack of such health apps on iOS. However, one name was missing on this list and now it is also here on iOS.

Google announced in a public statement that there Google Fit health app is now going to be available on iOS as well. With his enhancement, it means that one of the major health app’s that has seen a major revamp this year is now going to be available for users on nearly any smart device owned by them.

This announcement is also a testament from Google that they want to be as accommodating to fitness enthusiasts they can be. Apps such as ‘Nike Run Club” that can be connected on Apple heath is lo going to be able to sync with the Google Fit.

The new iOS version for Google Fit will also be able to keep track of the data from both Apple Watch and the Wear OS device.

Revamping the app:-

The Google Fit app was launched by Google back in 2014 and it received a major redesigning in its format last year to make it competitive against other health apps. Win this major revamping; the app will now be centered on the following two points.

  • Move Minutes
  • Heart Points

Move Minutes are as the description says are made by moving.  As for Heart Points, they will be eared when a person does some strenuous exercises. For those who want to make their health regime like a game where they will earn points for doing something then the Google Fit app is the best suited for your taste.

In the end, all of this means that now more people will be able to use this app. iPhone lovers will now not need to have an Android phone or an Android Watch in order to reap the benefits of this app.

Google Duplex:-

One other major step by Google this year was when it brought the AI phone call features named Google Duplex to both Android and iOS. Google is making these steps to not keep Google apps locked away to one single platform.

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