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Government Officials Who Admitted the Existence of Aliens

Many are convinced the government is hushing up the existence of aliens to keep people from being terrified if they knew the truth. The evidence? Look no further than the government officials who have allegedly let slip the truth.

John Podesta Says The Public Is Ready For The Truth

John Podesta

John Podesta was a member of the Obama and Clinton administrations and is now a member of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team. He has been working toward uncovering the truth about UFOs and aliens for years. He has only made a small amount of headway, but he has made some progress in getting certain files declassified. He believes there is a lot more to find and excited UFO enthusiasts when he claimed that neglecting to release UFO files was his biggest failing during his stint in the Obama administration.

Dennis Kucinich Claimed A Genuine Alien Experience

Dennis Kucinich

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is known for being very outspoken and quite different from his colleagues. He is from Ohio, and during the time of his experience, he lived near an Air Force base. He saw a strange UFO, and as it flew over, he claims to have felt a mental connection. Others would later say that Kucinich felt what he wanted to feel, and that the UFO was likely an experimental craft from the nearby base.

Kennedy Died Because He Planned To Tell The Public


The theorists claim Kennedy demanded information on aliens and Area 51, expressing a desire just a few days before he died to work together more with Russians on the space program. They call this evidence that Kennedy was going to gain information to spill to the public, and the CIA killed him because they could not risk the knowledge contained in Area 51 being divulged.

Unfortunately for the theorists, the supposed letters Kennedy sent were almost certainly a forgery.

A Russian Parliament Member Has Seen UFOs And Implies The Government Knows

Russian Parliament

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is the former president of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia and the current president of the World Chess Organization. He is a rather strange figure who openly claims that he was abducted by aliens, and they were very similar to people. Like Dennis Kucinich, he claims that the being connected with him mentally while he was aboard their craft.

Dwight. D. Eisenhower Knew And Almost Revealed All

Dwight. D

One of the most popular theories about the allegedly alien-obsessed Eisenhower claims that Eisenhower either secretly met with aliens or telepathically connected with them. The other conspiracy claims that alien secrets were being kept from Eisenhower, so he threatened to invade Area 51. Knowing they couldn’t stand up to the current president and war hero, they backed down and allowed his experts to tour the facility, where they saw alien spacecraft and the remains of the one that crashed at Roswell.

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev’s Joke Is Taken As A Serious Admission

Russian Prime Minister

A few years back, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev proved that the Western media doesn’t understand Slavic humor very well. He said in an interview that he received secret folders with information on aliens. He claimed that they live among us, knowing what they looked like would cause panic, and he can control them at any time. Claiming that he could control them at any time brought the entire thing into a realm of complete fancy—and it was already strange to being with.

Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Is Obsessed With Alien Life And Coverups

Former Astronaut

Edgar Mitchell is a former Astronaut who has become obsessed with UFOs and regularly attends conventions. He hailed from the town of Roswell, New Mexico, and was affected by the buzz surrounding the crash. Supposedly, he managed to get confirmation that an alien spacecraft had crashed in Roswell, and then further inquiries were shut down.

The US Government Allegedly Admitted To UFOs After Roswell Then Changed Their Tune

US Government

Roswell is the original major UFO incident in the United States—not the first one ever but the first one to get major coverage and wedge itself firmly into the public’s imagination. The newspaper the next morning claimed that a flying metal disc had crashed, only to quickly publish a retraction at the request of the Air Force. Even if Roswell was just a government experiment of some kind, the original headline and the Air Force’s clumsy attempts to hide things means that many theorists will never be convinced it was anything but aliens.

The British Government Fought To Keep UFO Files Hidden For A Silly Reason

British Government

A couple years back, the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain finally released the files they had on UFOs, and people viewed them with a collective shrug. After all of the fighting to keep them secret, there really hadn’t been anything to find. The files show that after 50 years of monitoring and searching, the government had failed to garner anything useful whatsoever. The government even had a UFO hotline until a few years back. The documents show it was shut down because it was producing no results and wasting a colossal amount of money.

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