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Great Green Wall, the initiative by folks of Africa to plant a wall of trees to help the planet survive the climate change

With the passage of time, the problem which is known as Climate Change is getting bigger and bigger in both proportion and in its future damages. At these times projects such as the Great Green Wall are the ray of the light for a bleak future. This is an initiative that has been started by the locals of Africa with the intention of growing nearly a 5000 miles long wall of trees and other plants across the entire African continent. The purpose behind this initiative is to prevent the effects of climate change along with preventing the desert from spreading and improving the lives of millions of people living in the regions which are in the Great Green Wall area.

The Great Green Wall is already 15 percent near its completion and it is bringing life into the deserted areas which never had any hope before this. We also are optimistic about this human battle against climate change and so we could not wait to share this story of human courage with our beloved readers.

This idea of creating the green wall which is made entirely of trees has been dated back to the middle of the previous century and was first proposed by Richard St. Barbe Barker, the forester and an activist from England. Still, it was only after 2017 that this project actually saw the light of the day and today the results of this massive and amazing initiative are showing its effects.

Since the start of this project in late 2017, nearly a desert area of 40 million hectares has been fully revived and is now providing the locals of these areas with an additional grain of 50000 tonnes each year which is roe than enough for feeding a population of 2.5 million. If this project continues with the very same pace it is doing now, it is going to be the lifeline for the regions of Africa with the poorest communities and also to bring back life into the deserted African region.

This Great Green Wall is planned to be extended to an area of 1927421975 billion acres and is currently the home to a population of about 232 million people. This is not only going to allow life to be brought back in the deserted African areas but is also going to give a major boost to the economies of the nearly 11 countries that are in this area.

Thousands of people have already been benefiting directly from this project as they are given Green Jobs of planting the plants. This project is a time-consuming one which is at least going to take a full decade for sure.

This much time is something that is going to provide the people working on this project job security and also reduce the migration of the African people from their continent.

The goal for the Green Wall is to be finished by 2030 and also to restore a deserted area of about 247,105,381 acres. In order to meet this goal by the expected deadline, an area of nearly 10 billion acres is needed for restoration each year. After the Green Wall is completed, it is going to be the largest living structure on Earth.

This will be 3 times as much as the size of the Great Barrier Reef and we can hope that it is going to become the 8th Wonder of the world.

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