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Guide on using the Xbox Game Pass on the Windows 10 PC

The Xbox Game Pass is the subscription service of Microsoft that allows the subscribers to have access to dozens of games online and on-demand. For those who love to discover and play new games, this is a great service. The service was previously available only on the console but now it has been also given on PC. A holder of the Xbox Game Pass subscription can also use it from their Xbox One console to their Window 10 PC.

Still, the expansion of Xbox Game Pass to PC is not a seamless one, unlike the Xbox One that lets the users gain the access easily to Game Pass on Home Dashboard.

In order to find the games of Xbox Game Pass on PC, there are two following steps.

  • The first and the easiest step is to download an app which is free and quite a recommend one.
  • As for the second method, although it does not need installation of any sort, it still requires to find compatible games of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Get the Game Pass first:-

This step is for those who do not have the Xbox Game Pass or the Game Pass Ultimate on their PC; otherwise, skip this step and move on to other ones.

The Game Pass on PC subscription can be purchased for an introductory monthly price of 4.99 dollars and 9.99 dollars after 3 months. As for the subscription price of Game Pass Ultimate, it is 14.99 dollars per month. The Game Pass Ultimate is a bundle subscription from Microsoft that includes the following services.

  • Xbox Live Gold on consoles
  • Game Pass for Xbox One consoles
  • Game Pass on PC

Accessing the Game Pass games on a PC though Xbox app

In order to locate the games of Game Pass to play on PC, this one of the easiest and the user-friendly ways out there. For using this method, follow the following instructions.

  • Find the new app of Xbox on your Windows 10 PC. You can find this app on the Microsoft Store and search the app titled “Xbox (Beta)”.

  • Log in to your Microsoft account which will greet you with a lustrous interface as compared to the usual one. It will show the games of Game Pass on the screen as shown above that can be played on PC.

After the games are installed, they can be played by the Xbox app directly or form the shortcut option created in-between installation process.

Accessing the Game Pass games on a PC though Microsoft Store

All the games of PC that are playable on the Game Pass can be located on the Microsoft Store which is located by default on every computer with Windows 10.

This method is a complicated one but for those who do not want to do any unnecessary installation, this method is for you.

  • Open up the Microsoft Store

  • From the homepage of the Store, open the menu from the top right side of the page and select the option “My Library”. This section will preview the user with each content, they own


  • Locate the option “Xbox Game Pass” and hit it. All the game with Game Pass will be displayed.

This preview ill presents all of the games with Game Pass including those that are playable on box console. There is still no way to filter this view to erase the games of Xbox One.

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