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Happiest Photos Ever Taken

How do you achieve happiness? As adults we seem to look for that state of mind in the wrong places such as material possessions or a high paying job. At times we take it to the extreme of consuming food, alcohol or narcotics to achieve it. These are all superficial fixes that are fast and fleeting.

The reality is that happiness is achieved thru the simple things in life. It is stoping and appreciating what life has naturally provided us with. A cuddle, a joke, a walk thru the park or even jumping in to a pile of leaves. These give us long lasting feel good moments that take us thru the day with a smile on our faces.

Here is a collection of images showcasing bursts of pure joy captured for your own inspiration and reminder of what matters most in life.

The waving panda cub

The son who reunited with his mother after seeing her photo online

Corgi hugs

This seal who is grinning from ear to ear

The kids at the 7-5-3 festival

Beautiful happy baby

This little girl showing a lot of love for this fish

This turtle getting his belly tickled

Field mouse enjoying the springtime

A happy pair of friends in Mongolia

A laughing cat

This beautiful human being

Limbless Nick Vujicic is holding his baby

One-Year-Old Lincoln Rose Smith Learns To Walk with President Obama

Happy children playing in the dirt

Guy getting attacked by bunnies

This photobombing dog

This elephant enjoying a shower

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