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Helpful ways to stay warm at home without disturbing budget on heating bills

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent winter from coming. But you can prevent yourself from freezing during colder months. And it doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny.

For this article, we have collected tips that will help keep your toes toasty. Stay till the end for a bonus tip on how to keep some gentle parts of your body warm at all times too.

So scroll down to read these helpful ways to stay warm at home without disturbing budget on heating bills.

Tin foil insulation

Tin foil insulation

If you have a radiator attached to the wall, place a sheet of tin foil behind the radiator. It will reflect the heat away from the wall and will direct it into the room, meaning the room will warm up faster and will stay warm longer.

Fireplace plug

Fireplace plug

Heat goes up from your fireplace and it can escape from your house through the chimney. To prevent that and lower your bill, you can get an inflatable fireplace plug that will stop the air from leaving.

Change the sheets

Change the sheets

Get yourself a flannel sheet set, it’s thicker and warmer. It’s just what you need for winter.

Let the sunshine in


By opening curtains in the morning, when the sun rises, you will let the warm sunlight in. It will help warm up the room. Close the curtains when the sun goes down, so the warmth doesn’t escape through the windows.

Cozy up

Cozy up

Rugs and carpets don’t just look nice — in the colder months, they can help warm up your place. A rug can act as insulation and will help keep your toes toasty.

Let there be candles


Candles don’t just serve an aesthetical purpose but also a lit candle is another source that can distribute warmth in the house and give it a cozy ambiance.

Cook in the oven


Leave the oven open after you’re finished cooking as it will distribute the remaining heat into your house.

Socks work for toilets too


Try this tip for those early winter mornings bathroom visits when you have to take care of the BUSINESS.

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