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Hilarious Airport Fails Just In Time for Summer Vacation

Airports are the best places to people watch. At all times of the day, interesting folk from all walks of life are going in and out and there are some comical scenes that ensue. These pictures show some hilarious scenes taken at airports worldwide. You will definitely be entertained.

Is Wonder Woman’s Jet on the Tarmac?

Pillow Talk

Kiss Off

Airport Security Irony

In Plane Sight

What’s in the Box!

After seeing the 20-foot-long crocodile, snakes on a plane doesn’t seem so bad

Delayed flight? Better get comfy




Getting to the airport on time is very important. You want to make sure that you don’t hit any delays. Like granny delays

please, don’t check in your baby


Not sure to commend her style of sleeping or praise her figure

Window seat or aisle?

A Suspiciously Heavy Carry-On

Advertising Fail

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