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Hilarious and idiotic design fails

One of the classic joke strategies is to have a premise and a punchline, which really goes against the logic of the premise. So, if you had the premise of a nicely done design, boy, we have some punch lines on this list.

We do adore a brilliant design, even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. Come join us on this little hilarious adventure!

Scroll down to look at some of the hilarious and idiotic design fails that just don’t make any sense and are a waste of air and space.

What purpose will these double stairs serve

double stairs

In this case, it feels this way


God damn now I had to walk from the other side…oh wait no I don’t

God dam

Now McDonald’s serves mice at a low price of just 1 dollar


How genetic engineering would turn out in The Simpsons’ universe


Japan sells literally everything and its also on sale


You had me where now?


Do not season the pigeons; who in the hell does that!


Well that’s just wrong on so many levels


I just don’t seem to see any sense in this sentence whatsoever


I would rather not wash my hairs


Oh it says Summer Drink Menu; well that was no refreshing at all

Summer Drink menu

You can’t have everything you hope for in life


Organic potatoes wrapped in plastic. Save the environment; more like run it for good


We fix the eyesight for aliens too now


Facepalm of a design

Face palm

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