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Hilarious Clothing Fails

It is a common occurrence that sometimes when it comes to fashion things can go sideways and pretty badly too. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at all the fashion trends in the history that have gone bad. But today the fashion clothing disasters that we are presenting to you are taken a step further than simple poor choices to tacky fashion sense. These epic clothing fails are simply not only a crime against fashion itself but also defy any sense of decency and common sense making them the epic clothing disasters.

Now prepare yourself for a list of clothing that went horribly wrong in either designing or the way they were simply worn. These results are bafflingly hilarious as well as stupid. The list contains clothing with logos that have gone misplaced and patterns that appear to be offensive. Buckle yourself for this list of hilarious clothing fails where the fashion designers decided not to give a damn about fashion itself.

Flower that was placed most inappropriately

In case you have an extra leg or two

Someone at Wall Mart is not afraid to express their inner self

Bad time for being the graduate from University of Pennsylvania; 2015

Higher Ups clearly need to see this

Another example of Employee T-Shirts gone wrong

The Bowlegged Diva

The text in bold is actually “Rope”

Ok this much is not a big deal

What happens when your wear a “Smile” shirt with a cardigan

Only seeing this makes me pessimistic

Wedgie T-Shirts; for men who don’t feel like growing up

Metal + Pop= Mop

Can you see me?!

When fashion designer is drunk on Work

When your fashion sense works perfectly

Blue Chicken

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