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Hilarious DIY Fails To Make You Laugh Hard

With the internet, we are blessed with having almost unlimited DIY tutorials related to anything. With the help of these DIY tutorials, you can turn anything recyclable from plastic bottles to disposable cups to old clothes into creating something extraordinary. These tutorials come in the variety of thousands and with easy to follow instructions and tips.

Still, having the required instructions is not able to guarantee that you will end up with soothing you actually saw in the first place. People often tend to miss out on one step that might be crucial to the whole DIY project and they end up with epic yet hilarious DIY fails.

Today or our readers we have collected some of the hilarious DIY fails from all across the globe. These fails are done so epically that they will make you burst into laughter immediately.

So scroll down to look at the Hilarious DIY to make you laugh hard.

When your dad is not only cheap but lazy as hell


Shouldn’t have used the power drill

eggs art

How can you go wrong on this one; you had to only find leaves


The third one is damn Hilarious; 10/10 from me


It’s all in the technique


I laughed so hard at this one; should have let the glue dry upon a little bit

glue art

Looks like the Indian has been mauled by a bear

funny face

When everything messes up on your big day

messes up

Drink some more


Expectation vs. Reality

Expectation vs. Reality

It was supposed to be a snowman


Anyone need any upholstery done?

upholstery done

Grill/Cooler combo

Grill and Cooler

Seems like a work of a genius


A coffee pot can be used for other purposes as well


They are a bit uncomfortable but will last even longer than you


Emergency redneck cufflinks


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