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Hilarious Farewell cakes to turn those frowns upside down

To say goodbye to a colleague who is leaving you behind if your job happens to be the shittiest. It is hard to come up with words on to their face to express those emotions bubbling inside your heart. However all of this has been made easier with custom design cakes.

You can go out to a bakery and special order a cake with your sour emotions all pasted on it with a sugar so that they won’t feel ill about it. Today we have gathered a list of such farewell cakes that the employees often got on their last day at job form their devious colleagues. You can even take some of these ideas for yourself to gift such a cake to your leaving colleague as well.

Scroll down to be inspired for sending a message to your leaving colleague.

This team of coders tried to get creative with farewell cake

farewell cake

Congratulations Traitor; this fellow switched from Google to Bing and this is what he got


Get the F Out

F Out

What a heartfelt message by these caring colleagues; they placed a rainbow over it


Hahaha, this is definitely the best farewell message

best farewell message

Best wishes

Best wishes

Cakes can be used as reference for a new job too


When your colleagues love to work with you too much


Another great team says goodbye to their friendly colleague

friendly colleague

RIP (Retire In Peace)


Who gives a Sh*t!


One hell of a farewell


But Why?


A farewell from a vet’s office


They don’t even care about you no more


These colleagues have stated their emotions truly


Just Go; have fun, we will not miss you

miss you

Can’t wait for you to leave

can't wait

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