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Hilarious Genius People Who Would Make Even Einstein Proud

The word genius is normally used for someone who either has an outstanding and rare natural ability or a skill of sorts. Take for example the geniuses like Einstein and Nikola Tesla; they all had unnatural human genius that completely changed the view of the world as we know it.

Then there comes a second time of genius the worst kind or actually it can still be a little good kind. The geniuses who tend to bypass the rules or hack the system for their own personal gains. For our readers today we have gathered a list of such geniuses that have made use of their unnatural thinking to make the best out of the normal things to have amazing gains.

Scroll down to look at this funny bunch of hilarious genius people who would even make Einstein proud of them.

This is how you hack your local store’s “bring your own cup” promotion

local store

Making a  motor bike out of an ordinary bicycle

ordinary bicycle

Oh dang it, out of Coffee Filters or is it?!

Coffee Filters

Take advantage of those hot scorching summer days to save some gas bill

summer days

When your work place does not have a cup in the kitchen; you improvise

cup in the kitchen

All problems can be solved by a power drill

power drill

Another genius hacking the “Bring Your Own Cup” promotion

genius hacking

Well this seems little bit genius if not total one

little bit genius

This how to make a cap out of newspaper or maps in the Sunny days

Sunny days

Missing a taillight; use some appropriate colored plastic containers


This is how you place the bologna evenly on the toast


Loose TV remotes often? Not now

TV remotes

Lego’s can be used to make anything

VIP Playground

VIP Playground

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