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Hilarious Lost and Found signs

People are funny beings who think that if they lost something then putting up bunch of sings will help them find their stuff. What’s gone is gone and if it comes back it is only a good luck.

People often spend few hours looking for their lost stuff and if they can’t seem to find it they make it someone else’s job entirely to find that thing. Few of the times these strategies work and your lost stuff finds its way to your home. However most of the times you ill be annoyed by bunch of people who you have just provided with your personal contact information.

The hilarious part comes when you have lost more occasionally in your life and you completely lose your mind as to how to really find it. This is when you start putting up hilarious lost and found signs. For our readers today we have gathered a bunch of hilarious lost and found signs that are sure to give you a hard laugh. Scroll down to look for yourself at these creatively written lost and found designs.

I Lost My Best Dwag

Best Dwag

National of Museum History should contact this guy for a Lost Velociraptors

Lost Velociraptors

Whoever finds this cat just keep it

cat just keep it

Sauron awaits you; please return to Mordor


A Case for Magnum P.I.


Just Asking about your well being

Just Asking

Have you seen my Ninja Buddy?

Ninja Buddy

Its better if her remains missing… I mean look at him

remains missing

Try looking it in the previous century buddy

century buddy

Sign for a sign


Cloud Atlas Shrugged

Cloud Atlas Shrugged

Lost & Found Inception


McLosing my mind


Previously on Lost… And Found


A Shell of His Former Self

Former Self

A buzzing problem

buzzing problem

To give owner the heart attack

heart attack

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