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Hilarious Menu Fails From Around The World

You can tell a lot about a restaurant by their menu, so long as it’s been written properly. Menus filled with menu design fails and funny translation errors usually indicate a poorly run restaurant, but they may also reveal a sense of humor. Below you will find the Internet’s best collection of funny menus, menu fails, and funny menu translations.

It’s the ultimate form of food for thought for restaurant owners and foodies everywhere. From the classic anus burger to homemade crap dip, these are the funniest menu fails of all time.

Interesting Chinese Menu

What the Duck

Chef’s Special

Anus Beef

Yes, I’ll have some ruthlessly rimmed wings

Kid’s Fingers

Roasted Husband

And yet it looked delicious

Think I just lost my appetite

That’s not chicken

Going Deep

Ooh, free bears!

Bowel rice

This is a very dangerous meal!

Stir-Fried Wikipedia

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