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Hilarious Office Pranks That Will Make You SO Glad You Don’t Wor

You clock in at work in the early morning, punch out in the afternoon for lunch, and clock out for good when evening approaches. The schedule is predictable – monotonous even – and sometimes you crave just a bit of variety to spice up the day. There’s a way to make the office seem a tiny bit more fun, though. You have coworkers, and coworkers aren’t just good weather conversationalists; they’re also the perfect patsies to prank. Now you, of course, shouldn’t take advantage of your fellow workmates, but you can prank them in good fun.

Check out these following hilarious office pranks that will make you so glad that you don’t work here.


Proof that not everything is better with bacon

Toot their horn a little

Bieber Fever

A wardrobe malfunction

no office prank list would be complete without this classic stunt

We need to take you in for questioning

That’s one way to grease a few palms

Whoever added this fake note to the coffee maker

Low-hanging fruit

Messing up the Computer monitor display settings

Zip ties are best when deployed ironically

a surefire way to scare the bejeezus out of everyone

It’s like the Tin Man exploded in their cubicle

Hold all my calls

It’s like Tiger Beat magazine exploded all over the walls

This looks a little bit seedy

Who says print is dead?

Stringing them along

call the exterminator

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