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Hilarious People Who Totally Nailed It

Sometimes it feels like most of the internet is inspirational: Wear this dress, cook these cupcakes, DIY your home this way, and above all, takes a photo of everything.

Unfortunately, human existence is not actually as perfect as it seems in the photos. In fact, there have been so many instances of internet-recreation-gone-wrong that a meme was created in its honor. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: Nailed It, or what happens when things don’t go according to plan (or sometimes when they really, really, do).

Scroll down to look at these hilarious people who totally nailed t.

My diet plan for this month

diet plan

Totally “nailed” it; excuse the pun


Best motivation from gym trainer ever

gym trainer

When you really want an Apple; nailed it


Art knows no language


A couple tried their best to understand each other and totally nailed it


This tree topper totally nailed the holidays

tree topper

Best insult payback ever

Best insult

Nailed it….No, seriously, NAILED IT

Nailed it

Tulia and Miguel cosplay; nailed it perfectly

Tulia and Miguel

Spot on, don’t you think

Spot on

This required a lot of coordination, and totally nailed it


Talk about going the extra mile just to Nail It

extra mile

Cat auditioning for his next role, he totally nailed it

Cat auditioning

Someone really hit the foam on the latte




Genius Driver

Genius Driver

How to tie a tie

tie a tie

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