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Hilarious Photos of Kids Stealing All the Attention at Weddings

Kids are the best guests at any wedding because they simply don’t care. They have no idea what love is, they think kissing is gross, and quite frankly, they have a point. And this is precisely why pictures of kids at weddings are way more funny than normal funny wedding photos with stupid adults in them. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at these pictures of funny kids at weddings. Maybe you’re planning a “big day” of your own? These pictures may serve as a warning if you’re considering using your little niece or nephew as the ring bearer.

I weep at your upcoming misery

Clingy Bridesmaid

Kids out of control at wedding.

Stairway to Hell

After those garbage speeches, I could really use a stiff drink

FYI, the bread sucks.

Please take me home now

two kids reacting to wedding kiss

Food for Thought

These adults are so obnoxious.

He couldn’t hide his disgust for weddings

It’s always important to have a professional child-wrangler at your wedding.

Enjoying the ride

I Have No Idea What I’m doing here

The Nose Picker

Royal Pain

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