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Hilarious photos of “Miserable Men” captured while their women were shopping

There is an account on Instagram under the name “Miserable Men”. This account holds the captured snaps of husbands and boyfriends while they were shopping with their wives and girlfriends.

But our question is why? Why would a man spend hours sitting miserably on a bench that is not more comfortable than sitting on a thin pole? Well, some say there is a simple answer and that is ‘Love’ and we also can’t seem to find any other possible reason for it. Love is the only thing that these male partners are willing to go to one place they call “Malls” and wait there miserably for their significant others to finish with their shopping.

Today we have gathered a bunch of top photos from that Instagram account “Miserable Men”.

So scroll down to look at the Hilarious photos of “Miserable Men” captured while their women were shopping.

The definition of despair


At least he found something to keep him busy!


They were only 25 years old when they arrived


The look of regret for saying YES to: “Let’s go shopping!”


You Are Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Husband.exe has stopped working


The man in the background just looking longingly at the chair


Fun fact: He had a shave and a haircut before shopping

Fun fact

Get married, they said… You’ll be a happier man, they said…


Checking on the Credit Card bill

Credit Card bill

Even George Lucas has this problem

George Lucas

Not even Conor McGregor can do anything but wait obediently

Conor McGregor

Older man to younger man: It doesn’t get any better

younger man

At least he looks fabulous


How much more shopping does she need to do? She has already maxed out all the cards


Please god, if you get me out of this, I’ll never watch football again


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…text no evil


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