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Hilarious School Signs that will make your day

Settle down the class is now in session and the subject of today is Hilarious School Signs. These hilarious school signs are going to make you laugh every single time you see them. Look for yourself these hilarious school signs erected by schools or sometimes the liquor stores. Some of the school signs you are going to see here are epic fails and the ones who posted them seriously need to go back to school. In the list below of Hilarious School Signs you are going to see; some are pranks made by students themselves whereas some are just due to poor text placements. The following list of hilarious school signs is not only going to make you laugh but also let you feel glad that you are not in school now.

This Liquor store is into Back to School spirit

This bumper sticker is wrong on so any levels

What kind of supplies are we talking about Walgreen?

I think skipping this exam is for the greater good

The school that used the backward three creatively in their brutal message to students

School refers to students these days perfectly

Hunting Season


Whoever posted this sign needs to attend this event

Another liquor store in high spirits for back to school

School that honors its Milfs

Error; More Commitment required

A better graphic design was needed by this school

Nothing will stop this school in their efforts to educate you dummies

A good advice

A clearly suspicious sign

That’s one L of a mistake

Look like spelling BEE champion

It’s better to do it yourself first designer

This is just cruel

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