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Hilarious Security Guards Fails

Although it is not funny when it comes to national security but still there are countless pictures of security guard pictures that are funny as hell. These pictures seem like something which is serious and with just the right amount of humor they are the funniest pictures toddy. These pictures are actually a good thing because world needs something which is funny. This collection of hilarious security guard fails is the thing that exactly fits the description of funny. Here you will see not only security guards but also cops in hilarious pictures. While security guards are only the one underappreciated form of law enforcement and these pictures are also not helping their case as one of their strong character suits. While all security guards are not as bad as the pictures down below but still these following pictures are sure to make you laugh.

Sleeping Beauty making good use of her body

Security guard of the future

Security guards also need a little nap time but while doing so they are still vigilant

It is a real pisser to be a security guard

A Responsible security guard helping the happy party college teens

The oath is to “Protect and Stare”

These security guards celebrated the Easter day with bunnies

Irresponsible Cop

Threat Detected by TSA

Insert Donut Joke Here

Dreaming for a Safer World

He will slice the crime in half

He is protecting the valuable piece of art

Summer is here finally; Security guard embraces the latest fashion trend

Another TSA agent who detected a potential threat to security

Clearly the coolest Security Guard ever

Clearly he was tired after catching all those potential threats

A question mark on Security

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