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Hilarious Selfie moments

In most people’s opinion Selfie is the worst thing to ever happen to photography. Whenever people push that Selfie button on their mobile devices funny things seem to happen on their own. In some scientists’ opinion, Selfie mode actually set off the douchebag mode of the human brain. The automatic setting off of this Selfie mode leads to humans doing dumb and stupid things like duckfaces, Derp faces and even kissy lips.

Although these are the only common and most occurring things happen during the taking of a Selfie. The activation of the Selfie sometimes even activates the dumb portion of the onlookers too.  Below you are going to find these hilarious and funny Selfie moments in the history. Some of these Selfie ideas managed to be good rather than being annoying.

Have a look for yourself at some of these funny Selfie moments.

Is that poo right by her right ear

right ear

Savage photobombing by the passing stranger

passing stranger

This is some mean looking guy with his cute kitty shirt

 cute kitty

When you really have to have a Selfie in the field


Selfie; old school style

old school style

A moment of paws for this kitty; get it?!

paws for this kitty

Not so good Wal-Mart greeter


Trying to be mean and cute at the same time

mean and cute

Pug life

Pug life

Ridin’ Selfie dirty

Selfie dirty

Derpiest of all Derp selfies

Derp selfies

Disaster selfies are the norm these days

Disaster selfies

This is how the Selfie cookie crumbles

cookie crumbles

Getting a leg up on the Selfie competition

Selfie competition

If the shoes fit

shoes fit

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