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Hilarious selfies of cute girls that prove cuties can look imperfect too

It may be funny to look at someone else’s bad photos. But when it comes to ourselves, we prefer to delete our bad photos and never see them again. But there are many people in the world who are happy to show their imperfect looks. Photos with the hashtag #prettygirlsuglyfaces have been posted on the internet since 2012 when a girl was the first to post her selfies on Reddit. She had her normal look in the selfie on the left and she made an ugly face in the selfie on the right. Eventually, her idea became a worldwide trend and many people who aren’t afraid to look funny and ugly followed suit.

We have put together the funniest photos of girls who definitely know what self-irony is.

Scroll down to look at these Hilarious selfies of cute girls that prove cuties can look imperfect too, and have a hearty laugh.


Hilarious selfie girl


Hilarious selfie cute


her Hilarious selfie


bride Hilarious selfie


funny Hilarious selfie


naughty Hilarious selfie


Hilarious selfie lady










funny Hilarious


Hilarious funny selfie




selfie girl




Hilarious girl

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