Hilarious Snapchats That Are Too Good To Disappear Forever

Snapchat. There’s a right way to use it, and there’s a wrong way to use it, and as you can see from these brilliant examples, these people have totally nailed it. This hilarious list, showcases some of the funniest Snapchats currently on offer. Some of them are witty observations about the world around us, others are random snapshots of life, and a couple are, well, slightly disturbing (yes, I’m talking about the killer whale water gun with the red penis trigger. Obviously). But one thing’s for sure – all of them are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

Oh Dear god! I Just Hit a Unicorn


Balloon in my hoodie; what is wrong with teacher

Balloon in my hoodie

My Friend; the Princess


Like a Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

The biggest sports fan EVER

sports fan

It isn’t always a good idea to blend in


Going Nuts with Emojis


Drawing Skills

Drawing Skills

It’s right behind me

right behind me

My mom charging the phone

charging the phone

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