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Hilarious Times Wedding Celebrations Went Very Wrong

After the wedding pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel were published, husbands and wives got inspired to share their own wedding pics. Unlike the perfect shots of the royal wedding, these pictures show a whole range of wedding disasters from guests’ photobombs to kids throwing tantrums during the ceremony. It’s probably a rare case when a couple’s wedding album is totally perfect and internet users keep sharing their snaps showing how their wedding ceremonies went hilariously wrong.

Here today we’ve prepared a collection for you of funny wedding fails caught on camera.

Scroll down to look at the hilarious times wedding celebrations went very wrong.

Looks like somebody a little tipsy with all the excitement


Wedded couple’s favorite wedding photo… Until they saw what was between them…BTW they still don’t know who it was

wedding photo

A moment when you realized that wedding bouquet is headed for your girlfriend


Professional photobomber detected


When you get tired of perfect wedding photos

wedding photos

Those bridesmaid dresses are really itchy I suppose


At least the kid’s not crying


Getting creative with bridesmaid dresses

bridesmaid dresses

When you are a little late for the wedding but still don’t want to miss the group picture


Why is he so upset?!!!


What was supposed to be a romantic photo; still a great wedding photo

romantic photo

Perfectly right before a wedding disaster

wedding disaster

So they love burgers!!!

love burgers

There are so many things to bear in mind on a wedding day, like the perfect location for wedding pictures

wedding pictures

An epic fail is when you kick the bridesmaid and tear your pants with just one jump

epic fail

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