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Hilarious times when dads were actually cooler than Santa on Christmas

The heroes of our article today are not like Santa. They do not travel across the whole world in 24 hours while crawling own chimneys or going through windows, but they can still be more magical than the good ole Santa Clause during the holidays.

We are aware as to how hard it is to be a parent around Christmas. Therefore, we wanted to share a few stories of some cool dads who went beyond than everyone’s wildest expectations during Christmas time.

Scroll down to see for yourself at these hilarious times when dads were actually cooler than Santa on Christmas.

A different Elf on the Shelf



This dad is an OB/GYN and was on-call for Christmas. This is how he went to visit patients this morning

dad in Christmas

This dad made mom hold his cape for his Christmas jammies pic

Christmas jammies

This Dad dressed up as Santa even though his oldest kid is 23 and his youngest kid is 20

Santa dad

Neither of his kids would sit on Santa’s lap, so he did. Santa was not amused

Santa’s lap

Son’s reaction to his dad’s Christmas outfit upon coming home from the Army. Son’s face says it all

dad’s Christmas outfit

Creative dad on Christmas

Creative dad

This dad fully embraced the tunic he was given for Christmas and his dog shared in his enthusiasm


This dad only had daughters, but for the first time, both his girls were married at Christmas and he had boys to shop for. This was the result

married at Christmas

A father playing with his cat on Christmas

cat on Christmas

A daughter gifted her dad a 3-foot tall chocolate Santa for Christmas. Santa did not look happy seeing his impending doom

chocolate Santa

This dad is proud of his gingerbread house. What do you think?

gingerbread house

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