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Hilarious times when outdoor advertising was taken to whole another level

According to psychologists, each color used in an advertisement tends to stir certain emotions in customers. For example, red attracts people’s attention and usually creates a sense of power, while blue makes things seem trustworthy and is often associated with courage. To increase the sales of their products marketers use a lot of different strategies, and sometimes the results turn out to be really impressive.

We have gathered the most prominent examples of outdoor advertising that will definitely make you look twice and appreciate the creativity of designers.

So scroll down to look at these hilarious times when outdoor advertising was taken to the whole another level.

Yahoo! Mail: Size doesn’t matter anymore

Yahoo Mail

IKEA; “Find the one that fits.”


Kit Kat: Enjoy conversation without an internet connection

Kit Kat

Kleenex will help you keep your nose clean


Drill a hole through anywhere now


Makes small work of BIG spills

BIG spills

Get organized with Peter Walsh; they are really good

Peter Walsh

IMAX: See the world in 3D


Honda: No more toys, real cars only


Ariel: Enjoy the whiteness.


Colgate: for that sparkly white smile


McDonald’s: Follow the yellow crosswalk to food heaven


Sprite; Its refreshingly good


Adidas won’t let their opponent score a goal


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