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Hilarious yet worst makeup fails

It is a proven fact (from Fairy Tales) that mirrors don’t lie. This makes it truly wondrous and mind boggling as to what most people think they see in them while watching themselves. Make up is the aid that makes women beautiful and is like their best friend. However this best friend can sometimes become their worst of nightmares as well. The ugly makeup is real and it can happen to anyone. This is the very reason as to why celebrities use the professional makeup artist instead of doing it themselves. Applying those multitudes of color properly can be a lot harder than it actually seems.

While the beauty lies in the eye of beholder, still the most tolerable beholder can have their limits when facing the disastrous makeup. You will be able to see a list of such nightmarish makeup fail pictures that will induce trauma in you. Make up fails are the norm of today and these fails present women turn into monsters. While these pictures might seem funny to you for looking right now, But have you considered as to what will happen if one of these pictures become a reality one day when you wake up beside them?!…..

Devil Wears Prada

Burn Victim Makeup

Do I look pretty

Demon Posted Selfie straight from eighth circle of Hell

To save time she used paint roller for putting make up

Is it just me or does She looks a little like Michael Jackson

I am going to give her recognition on being colorful

When you love Christ but still want to look a little rebel

Nice idea for dummies who burn off their eyebrows

Streaky Eyebrows

They look like twins

Tan has gone a little overboard, don’t you think so

Who she trying to impress

Why so serious?

Oompa Loompa

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