How to be sure if you are buying the Nintendo Switch that comes with better battery life

The Nintendo Switch with its new hardware changes is making its way to be sold at the retail stores. This new and improved version of Nintendo Switch is going to have a new and an efficient CPU as compared to the one that was installed in the console of the original launch. This new CPU provides the Nintendo Switch with a significant increase in its battery life of about 4.5 to 9 hours. The original console of the Nintendo Switch had a battery life of 2.5 to 6.5 hours.

This model of Nintendo Switch is known as V2 but still must not be confused with the upcoming model by the name “Switch Lite”. Nothing much is changed in the V2; as it has the same design and screen.

This means that there are not a lot of ways to actually distinguish the newer and the older model of Nintendo Switch. This is unless the person buying them knows what they must look for.

Luckily for our readers, we have a few ways on how to be sure if you are buying the Nintendo Switch that comes with better battery life.

Really looking at the Box:

The easiest of all the ways to look for the new Nintendo Switch is to take a good look of the packaging of the console. The background of the box for the original console had a White background while for this new console, the background is a Red one. So for those of you who are going to buy the newer model of the Nintendo Switch at some local retail store; the easiest way is to look for the Nintendo Switch console box with a red-colored Background.

Checking serial number:

For those of you who are buying the new version but buying it as a secondhand item, there is a pretty good chance that you will not get the box with it.  In this case, there is also a method to check for the new console. This way is to check the Serial number of the console.

If the serial number of the console you are buying starts with alphabets XKW; then this is the newer console.  As for other alphabets in the serial number like XAW; this means that you are being duped to buy the original Nintendo Switch console.

As for the location of the serial number for the Nintendo Switch, it is located on the bottom side of the console.

What will you get if you order a Nintendo Switch Online?

You might get a new version of the console or just the original released one. There are no guarantees if any of you plan to order the one Online. Online retailers actually have a vast inventory of the older Nintendo Switch consoles. As there is hoping particularly wrong with that older version, these retailers are going to keep on selling them.

For those of you who want a Nintendo Switch with longer battery life and better processor; the best way to obtain these features for your console is to go to the retail shop near you.

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