How to change the Xbox Live subscription to a Game Pass Ultimate

Recently, Microsoft has announced its new subscription service by the name Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This service now bundles the Xbox Game Pass for both PCs and consoles and the Xbox Live Gold for a price of 14.99 dollars per month.

With the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the users will now be able to save up to 15 dollars per month compared to the price they had to pay for both these services individually.

For those who want to have a trial run of this new subscription service, promotion is happening these days. The promotion gives users a trial period of a month for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a sum of mere 1 dollar.

There is also one other thing, Microsoft is offering players to get a prepaid service of Xbox Live Gold for 36 months. When a user of the service activates the 1 dollar trial, it will automatically convert their future service period to the game Pass Ultimate, thus saving them a lot of money.

If you are still confused as to how much money you will really save read this.  The cost for Xbox Live Gold for 3 years is 180 dollars and activating the trial makes it 181 dollars. But if a user pays 14.99 dollars per month for the new Game Pass Ultimate, it will cost them about 540 dollars.

How to change the Xbox Live subscription to a Game Pass Ultimate:-

  • To convert your Xbox Live Subscription you first need to have it. The sale of the Xbox Live Gold is son going to be ended by Microsoft as they will prompt layers for buying the Game Pass Ultimate.
  • Next, a user needs to activate the Xbox Live Gold codes on their account which can be done from the website of Microsoft or directly from the Xbox One console.

  • With this users will be able to take advantage of the Game Pass Ultimate 1 dollar trial. Once a user accepts the offer, they will see the same thing as the image above when they click on the “Services & subscriptions” tab present on the Microsoft website.

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