How to check the compatibility of the apps with macOS Catalina

For those who are planning to upgrade their desktop Mac devices to the new macOS Catalina, they should first be aware of the fact that their 32-bit apps will not work on this new update of macOS.  macOS Catalina will arrive sometime later this year and it is only going to support the 64-bit apps. With this, the macOS Mojave is going to be the only version of the macOS that support the 32-bit apps.

For those who are using the macOS Mojave and also the apps that will not be compatible with the upcoming macOS, they will be seeing a popup alert from the Apple. This alert will state that the app will not be optimized for the future version and this alert will keep popping up after every 30 days time when the person opens the app. In order to see if your app makes the cut into the new macOS Catalina, you will need to check their compatibility beforehand.

This is fairly easy and for that, we present a guide on how to check the compatibility of the apps with macOS Catalina.

To check if the apps are in 32-bit or 64-bit:-

For those who are using the Mac Airbook on macOS Sierra’s version 10.12.6; they need to perform these followings steps. The same method will be applicable for the laptops and the desktops that are running on the macOS Mojave.

  • Open the desktop and click on the logo of Apple located on the top left side of the display screen. From the drop-down menu, select the option “About this Mac”.
  • A window will appear which will show the top-line specs of the device which includes information like its manufacturing date, processor and the Ram along with the serial number. There, the user needs to focus on one thing called “System Report”; a button near the end and click it.

  • Clicking the button will open another window whose left side will present the categories which have options like Software, hardware, and Network, and the Subcategories which will show the ATA, Bluetooth, Audio, Camera and etc. user needs to scroll down the Software category and then select the option “Applications”.
  • The window on the right hand will go blank for a few moments and then it will show the list of the apps installed on the device.

  • From this column of installed apps, look for the column that says “64-Bit”, which is the 5th column from the left. All the apps which are 32-bit will have the word “No” in front of them in this very column.

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