How-to guide for adding and changing the watchfaces on the Apple Watch

The one signature feature of the Apple Watch is the functional and decorative watchfaces. It is really easy to select one of them and then tweak them in their appearance.

In fact, a user of the Apple Watch can do it from their Apple Watch or from heir iPhone. If the current choices are becoming tacky, you can always add new ones.

On iPhone:-

For switching to the watchface previously installed:

For this purpose, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Open the app Watch on the iPhone and the user will see the scrolling line with the watchfaces that have been pre-installed. Users must swipe left or to the right to find the one they want to use or for customization. For both purposes, tap the watchface.

  • Now scroll down and then tap on the option “Set as current Watch Face” and the watchface will be selected.

For customization of a watchface like changing the style, color or other aspects; they work differently for each face.

For this, the user needs to tap on the particular watchface and then swipe down the menu to see what aspects can be changed. Users can then swipe across for having a look at the choices they can make.

For example, if there is an option to changes the color aspect, the user needs to swipe across for seeing eh available color schemes. After finding the one user likes, tap on it.

For installing the new watchface:

For installing a new watchface, the user needs to follow the following steps.

  • Run the Watch app on the iPhone and then see the watchfaces that have already been installed on the top of the screen.

  • Tap on the icon titled “Face Gallery” located at the bottom. In this menu, scroll up, down, left and right to see the creative watchfaces from Apple.

  • Tap on any of the watchfaces the user likes to add. The new watchface will be added to the Apple Watch after a few moments.

On Apple Watch:

For switching to the watchface previously installed:

In order to change the installed watchfaces on the Apple Watch, the user needs to only swipe right or left on the screen of their Apple Watch.

Customization of these watchfaces is a little tricky and can be done by following steps.

  • Upon force touching the screen, the user will feel a minute vibration which will then send the Watchface into a mode for customization.

  • From there user needs to swipe right or to the left for picking the face they want to work with and then tap on the option “Customize”.

Each face generally has its own 2 to 3 categories for the design which the user can change. Users can move in-between the categories by swiping to the right or left. For example, to amen changes in color, the user needs to scroll to available options and then rotate the digital crown.

After doing the customization, the user needs to press the crown once more and the watch will revert back to the Customization screen.

Now simply lower the wrist down and then watch will be using the customized watchface.

For installing the new watchface:

For this purpose, the user needs to follow the following steps.

  • To enter the Customization mode, the user needs to force touch the Watch screen.

  • From there user needs to swipe to the left until they see a button titled “New” and then tap on it.

  • From there, the user needs to swipe down and up or turn their digital crown through the list of available faces. Tap on the watchface user likes and then it will be added.

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