How-to guide for connecting the Fitbit app with the Apple Watch

Nowadays, tech companies are going to take any measure to ensure that their gears are not used with the software of their rival competing company. For example, there is no way that a person can use the iMessage on Android smartphones. Still, there are times when these limitations can be broken one such limitation breakage is the way of using the Fitbit app with your Apple Watch. This can be done even when both these companies do not acknowledge the existence of each other. The method is a complicated one but it still works like a charm.

Digital Watch

The bypass of using the Fitbit app on the Apple Watch is to use the Strava app as the intermediary between the two. If anyone likes to move their data from Apple Watch to Fitbit, then the Strava app is the only way.

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We present the complete how-to guide for connecting the Fitbit app with the Apple Watch down below.

Download and Install Strava app:-

The first step of the process is to install the Strava app and follow these rules.

  • Download the Strava app.
  • Create your Strava account and the app will invite the user to record their activities immediately. However, you should not rush into things and instead tap “later” to first set the Strava app up. Then the user will be offered for following athletes, connecting with their Facebook account and syncing with their contacts. We recommend skipping all these things as well.
  • Next, the user will see the screen which says, “Getting Started” where they can connect to the Apple Watch.

  • On this screen, the user will see an option titled “Connect GPS Watch or a Computer”. Tapping this option will present a long list of supported devices and user needs to click on Apple Watch.

Device Setting

  • User needs to agree to the code of conduct and then allow access to their health-related app of liking and then tap on the option “Finish”.

Connect the Fitbit app with Apple Watch:-

Now is the step for connecting the Fitbit app with the Apple Watch via Strava.

  • User needs to log into their Fitbit app and then click on the option Account located at the top left corner of the app screen. Scroll down this menu and look for the option “Compatible Apps” and click it.

  • Scroll down to option Strava and then click it.

  • Click on the button saying “Download” (even if the user has already downloaded the app). Tapping on this button will open the App Sore with download page for Strava. Click on the button “Open” and the app will start.

  • From the list of devices that appear in the Strava app, click on Fitbit and then click on the option “Connect Fitbit”. Simply enter the account information of the Fitbit.

With this process, Strava is now going to work as the conduit between the Fitbit app and the Apple Watch with the data being sent between both directions.

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