How-to guide for deactivating the Twitter account

Twitter is one of the most convenient social media networks especially if you are looking to get pop culture trends and new memes in one place.

But at the same time an active user of Twitter ahs to sit through the toxic character content such as the white supremacists, deepfakes and the President of the US. All of this can take a toll on one’s mind but you do not need to actually use Twitter. While everyone using it seems like kind of peer pressure but you can change your life. So simply delete that Twitter account of yours.

Do not worry; it is not going to be a permanent deletion of your twitter account. If you feel like the need for diving back into the world of Twitter, you can simply retrieve your Twitter account within 30 days of deactivation.

For that, we give you a how-to guide for deactivating your Twitter account.

Deactivating the Twitter account in the Browser:-

If you are a user of Twitter, open your Twitter account from on the browser of PC or mobile and login to your account. For deactivation of the Twitter account, follow these steps.

  • On the browser of the Twitter account, click on option “More” located on the bottom left of the page and on the mobile browser, select the icon for Profile.
  • Select the option “Settings & Privacy” from that and then select the option “Account”

  • At the bottom of this section, there will be an option “Deactivate your account”. Simply tap on it.

A screen will be sown which informs the twitter account holder that the account will be deactivated. Ignore this screen and press on the option “Deactivate” once more located at the bottom of this page.

Deactivating the Twitter account in the Twitter app:-

If you are someone who is using the Twitter app on their smartphone, they need to first log in to their account.

  • Tap on the profile icon located on the upper left of the screen. A menu is going to pop out on the side and from the bottom of it, select the option “Settings & Privacy”.

  • Tap on the option “Account” located at the top. In this settings page, look for the option “Deactivate Your Account” located at the bottom and select it.

A few things one must note here are as follows.

  • The account will not be deleted permanently following this process as it can be retrieved within 30 days before it is deleted permanently. For restoring the account, the user needs to simply log in to their account.
  • For creating a new Twitter account with the same username and email address, the user needs to switch their current Twitter account to a new username and email address before they deactivate it.
  • For downloading the data on the Twitter account, the user needs to do that before the deactivation process. Data from the inactive twitter account cannot be retrieved.
  • Cache results in Google, as well as other web search engines, will mean that the old tweets and profiles of the user might still pop up in case the user searches for queries. But if anyone clicks them, an error message is going to pop up.

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