How-to guide for downloading apps on a Fitbit

If you are an owner of a brand new smartwatch like a Fitbit Versa or the Ionic smartwatch, then you might feel overwhelmed by its usage. If a user of the Fitbit smartwatch swipes to the left of the watch’s home screen, then they will see a few things to click on such as the Wallet, Spotify, Weather, and many other things.

Still, these apps are only a part of what more the Fitbit smartwatch can offer. For the Fitbit smartwatch, there are almost hundreds of different types of third-party apps that you can make use of.

There are few things one needs to remember before we start to go in detail on the how-to guide for downloading the apps on a Fitbit.

First thing is that these apps are not fledged as of the iOS and Android OS apps. This means that they cannot get access to the Wi-Fi and instead make use of the Bluetooth for usage with a proxy version of a certain app that is on the user’s phone. Second, these Fitbit apps cannot get updated if the phone is not nearby them and their interfaces are usually very simple but still a lot functional.  These apps cannot be installed on the Fitbit directly; instead, they must be downloaded through the app of Fitbit that is already on the user’s phone.

Downloading the Fitbit app on the smartphone:-

The first thing before downloading any apps on your Fitbit smartwatch is to download the Fitbit app itself on the smartphone and then pair it with your smartwatch.

  • The Fitbit app can be downloaded from sources like Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, or the Apple App Store. Download the app from any of these sources as per your smartphone.

  • Once inside the Fitbit app, click on the profile icon located in the top left corner of the screen and then select the option “Set up a Device”. Follow all of the prompts and the pairing will be done in a few minutes.

Downloading apps on the Fitbit:-

After the Fitbit is paired with the phone, you can now download the apps in the following steps.

  • Tap on the profile icon located in the app’s top-left corner and select the device.

  • Hit the option “Apps” and then “All Apps”. This will transfer you to a screen of the Fitbit app store where the user can then browse for the apps.

  • For installing an app, tap on the app’s icon and then tap on the “Install” button. Some permission will be asked for proceeding with downloading.

  • After the phone gives the user confirmation that an app is downloaded then swipe to the left on the home screen of the smartwatch. Their user can see the new app’s icon.

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