How-to guide for getting the Disney+ for a year for free from Verizon

Disney+ launches with a promise to be the favorite and the most popular streaming service for especially the children, fans of Star Wars and enthusiasts of animation and the lovers of Marvel. The streaming service went live in the USA and Canada yesterday.

The normal subscription cost is 6.99 dollars per month or an annual subscription fee of 69.99 dollars with additional bundle services to be also available for consumers. However, there is one way to actually get 1 full year of Disney+ services for free and that is for the Verizon customers.

How to get the Disney+ for a year for free from Verizon:-

All a customer of a Verizon needs to do is to go the page of the Verizon Disney+ and then sign up there. But there are still some of the requirements that a person needs to take for getting the advantage of having one full free year of Disney+ service.

Requirements for getting 1 year free Disney+ services:-

The first requirement for getting the Disney+ service free for 1 year, a customer needs to subscribe to one of the Unlimited Plans by Verizon which includes several options like the following.

  • Go Unlimited
  • Beyond Unlimited
  • Above Unlimited
  • Get More Unlimited
  • Do More Unlimited
  • Play More Unlimited
  • Start Unlimited

This offer to utilize the free Disney+ service is offered to the pre-existing Unlimited customers as well as the current customers of Verizon who wish to switch to the unlimited plan along with people who plan to switch from the other mobile carriers.

The page on the Verizon website offers separate links for each of the above-stated categories.

What if a user is already an Unlimited Verizon customer?

If a person happens to be the consumer of Verizon’s Unlimited plan and has already signed up with the Disney+, they will receive the streaming service free of cost for a full 12 months. As for the subscription a user has purchased before knowing this from Disney+, it will be paused and will resume after the free 12-month period ends. Users will then also receive emails from Verizon on managing few things.

Other options:-

Another option to get the free 1-year pass for Disney+ service is to sign up for the new 5G internet or the FIOS plan. In this case, only new customers get the free Disney+ service while the preexisting customers will not enjoy this offer.

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How-to guide for streaming Disney+

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