How-to guide for getting the most of the call screening feature from Google Pixel

Nobody likes to get those spam calls but there is a feature called “Screen Call” available on those Google Pixel phones that allows its users to protect their privacy.

This is how this feature works. When a user thinks that they are getting the spam call, they can simply press on the Spam Call button instead of the green button that is normally used for accepting the calls.

The call will be answered by a Google Assistant on the behalf of the Google Pixel phone owner and the Google Assistant will inform the caller on the other end that the user has screened this call and is asking the caller for identifying themselves as well as describe the purpose of their call.

This call can be listened by the user live and they can jump to answer any time or otherwise continue with the Google Assistant’s automated script for Screened Call.

While the feature of Screen Calls is active by default for all the Google Pixel phones, there are still a few settings that one might configure for getting most out of this feature.

Screening calls on a Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3:-

For getting the most out of the call screening feature on the Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, and Google Pixel 3; follow these following steps.

  • When a user gets the call from any unknown number, they must simply tap on the button or “Screen Call”.
  • For tweaking eh workings of this feature for getting its additional options, open the app of the phone.

  • Tap on the button for Menu located near the top right of the screen and then select the option “Settings”.

  • The next step is to search the option “Call Screen” located near the end of this Settings page.

  • In this sub-option, the user can choose from one of the 2 different voices and then see the demo of what this feature will look like when in action.
  • If the user backs out of the Settings menu and selects the option “Caller ID & Spam”, they will see the image of it right above the screen. The phone will now automatically filter any spam calls and then decline them automatically if this toggle is turned “On”.

Screening calls on Pixel 3A and Pixel 4:-

For getting the most out of the call screening feature on the Google Pixel 3A and Google Pixel 4; follow these following steps.

  • Compared to the other Google Pixel phones, the models Google Pixel 3A and Google Pixel 4 offer lots of other call screening options in their settings. In these models of Google Pixel phones, the user does not need to toggle anything for using the feature “Screen Call”.
  • First, get to the Settings on the phone app and then select the option “Spam and Call Screen”.

  • One the next page, look for option “Call Screen” and then select it for making certain adjustments.
  • Both of these phones can decline the robocalls. If the phone finds the robocalls match, it will decline it without the user having any interaction with the call. This feature needs to be activated manually. For that, the user needs to select the option “Spam” under the submenu section “Unknown Call Settings” and then selecting the option “Automatically Screen and Decline Robocalls.”
  • Call that will make through this robocalls filter will get screened automatically and the Google Assistant will ask them who they are and why they are making the call.
  • If case user does not want the automatic screening, they can choose the different action for their phone for taking the suspected spam call that will make through the filter. The phone will ring without any screening.

  • User can also toggle an option for their phone’s Google Assistant for saving the audio clips of all the calls that it answers on its own. For this, user needs to select the option “Save Call Screen Audio” in the figure above.

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