How-to guide for securing a WhatsApp account from social hacking

WhatsApp messaging service for Facebook is really easy to set up but this easy process also means that your account is also susceptible to abuse if you have not taken proper care. Still, you can make your WhatsApp account secure by placing the extra layer of protection which means that your WhatsApp account would not be lost even if you lose the 6-gist verification code.

But often people get tricked into sharing this security code too and hack their account; this technique is often referred to as “Social Hacking”.

This is why there are 2 of the following things that one must always remember when handling their WhatsApp account.

  • Never ever share the 6-digit code of WhatsApp account with any person. This means not sharing it with your parents, friends or siblings. No one has a solid reason for asking your WhatsApp account code from you that is sent over to you by WhatsApp via SMS.
  • Even if you have shared your code to somebody, then set up for a PIN Code that will act as the 2nd barrier that will stop anyone from signing in to your WhatsApp account.

Securing the WhatsApp account:-

It might be a little confusing, but this PIN also happens to be of 6 digits and this is how you can set it up for your WhatsApp account.

  • Open the WhatsApp on your smartphone and then tap on the 3 dots that are located on the top right corner of the mobile’s screen.

  • Tap on option “Settings” and then on option “Account” and finally pick the option “Two-step Verification”.

  • Tap on “Enable” and then select the 6-digit code for your PIN. In order to help you facilitate better in the process of setting up a PIN, you can follow the down below pictures for the entire process.

  • This next step is not at all necessary but if you add an email address, you will also be able to recover your WhatsApp account PIN number even if you forgot it. WhatsApp is going to ask a user for their PIN periodically so that the user cannot forget their PIN number.

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