How-to guide for securing the Ring Camera and its account

If you are someone who owns the Ring camera system then the recent issues about its camera system as well as several of the families reporting the new about their Ring cameras being hacked as well as demonstrating the ways to do the hacking might have left you worried and you are right in your worries.

It might be a little comforting for you to hear that this is now the software or hardware of the Ring camera system that is flawed but it is rather your methods to password protect the system.

Most of us are lazy when it comes to the security of the apps. We often tend to sue the same password for multiple accounts or settle for passwords that can be guessed by a hacker easily or sometimes even skip the security methods like the 2FA (two-factor authentication). But when a person is dealing with stuff like personal security, they must not leave anything to chance.

One of the must-do things for anyone with a Ring camera system is to create a unique password for all your Ring devices. There are many instances where a list of services was hacked and with them were hacked the list of passwords for other devices.

One great tool to help keep track of all the passwords of the electronic devices or accounts, as well as the generation of new passwords, can be carried out by Password Manager.

Setting up 2FA method:-

One of the most important things to secure your Ring camera system is to set up the 2FA on the Ring account. Ring offers its users with its very own 2FA method which needs the Ring app to be installed first hand. This is how one can set up 2FA on the Ring camera account.

  • Open up the Ring camera app.
  • Locate the Menu icon located on the top left corner and click it and from it select the option Settings.
  • Users will then be brought to a page titled Account Settings. Look for the option “Enhanced Security” and click on the option “Two-Factor Authentication”.

  • The next page will let the user know that whenever they submit their password, they will be texted for a verification code. The specific phone number on which the verification code will be sent in shown on this page as well which users can change as per their needs.

It is a good measure for a user to change their password after enabling the 2FA, in case the old password as already been hacked by somebody.

The option for the password is present on the same page of Account Settings. Simply tap on the option Change and then input the new password and that’s it.

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