How-to guide for streaming Spotify music on a Fitbit

Although the higher-end models of Fitbit allow their users to download the streaming music, the options available were for the less popular services such as Pandora and Deezer. Recently Fitbit has added the Spotify into their list of the music clients which the company supports for its smartwatches.

Getting started:-

At the moment, the music playback is supported on only the following Fitbit smartwatch models.

  • Versa
  • Versa 2
  • Versa Lite
  • Ionic

If a user does not own any of the above listed Fitbit smartwatches or the Special Editions of these same watches, then there is no way that they can use the Music Playback feature.

In addition to having the above listed Fitbit smartwatches, use also needs to have a Spotify Premium account for streaming music from their account onto their Fitbit. As for the regular ad-listeners, they would not be able to enjoy the feature of this Fitbit Integration with Spotify.

Download the Spotify app

In order for a user to stream the playlist from Spotify onto their Fitbit, they first need the app which can be downloaded following these simple steps.

  • Open the Fitbit mobile app and then tap on the Avatar Icon located on the top right corner of the app screen for arriving at the profile.

  • After this, the user needs to tap on the device that they want to download the Spotify onto.

  • After this, the user needs to select the Apps.

  • Look for option “Spotify” from the list of the supported apps. At the moment, users cannot search for the apps in the app section of Fitbit. Still, there are not many apps right now there so it would not be difficult to look for it.
  • Then simply press on the Install Button.

Fitbit will ask the user permission for running the app in the background as well as for internet access. For streaming the music, the app requires the permissions for both the background access and the internet access even if the user has a Premium Spotify account.

Also, the Offline playback is not supported on Fitbit so the user needs to be connected to the web and near their smartphone. It is going to be a drain on the battery.

After the app is installed, a Settings menu at the end of the Spotify’s app page on the Fitbit app will appear. Select this menu and the user will be taken to the Spotify page which they can then use for logging in with their account or their Facebook profile or simply sign up if they do not have the account.

All set for music streaming:-

Although Fitbit does have the built-in microphone, what it does not have is the speakers and listen to the playing music, users need to connect their Fitbit smartwatch with the external speakers. Supported devices that provide support for Spotify Connect are as follows.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Bluetooth speakers, headphones and smart home speakers

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