How-to guide for using Instagram for sharing with the other social media networks

If you happen to be a user of Instagram, then it might be the only social media network that you post stuff on. Bt Instagram makes it really easy for its users to share their posts onto different social media networks like Facebook which also owns Instagram.

Back in 2018, due to the Cambridge Analytica Breach, Facebook has terminated the posting of their personal feeds by all the other third-party apps expect Instagram. So if a social media user wants to send their post to a bunch of other services like Facebook, they can do it with an Instagram account.

Below is the how-to-guide for using Instagram for sharing with the other social media networks.

Connecting one’s social networks:-

For sharing the Instagram photos with the other social media networks, a user needs to link those accounts with Instagram. For doing that follow the steps below.

  • From the home screen of Instagram, tap on the profile icon which is located in the top-right menu.

  • From there select the option ‘Account’ and then the option ‘Linked Accounts’.

  • After this, the user needs to select the account they want to link with their Instagram account and then enter their login details. There, users can link different social media networks like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Posting photos to Instagram and the other social media networks

Now the Instagram account can be set in a manner like when a user posts photos on Instagram, they will be also be posted onto their other linked Social media accounts.

  • From the Instagram app, tap the Plus sign located in the middle of the screen’s bottom. The user then needs to select the image they wish to share and then tap on the option ‘Next’.

  • From there, the user can then apply the filters and edit the picture in the way they like and then tap on the option ‘Next’ again.

  • The final screen before the photos are posted, the user will have the option of writing a caption for their picture post as well as to tag friends, and add the location. At the bottom end of the screen, they can see the list of all the Instagram accounts. This list will also show all of the social media accounts that are linked with the user’s Instagram account.
  • Toggle all of the social media networks to ‘On’ on which the user wishes to post their Instagram post.

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