How-to guide for using the Amazon Alexa’s Intercom

For those of you who have annoying little kids, you might know as to how it is not much effective to yell from room to room to make them quite, especially if there happen to be closed doors.

But luckily, technology has come to your aid once more and this solution is in the form of Amazon Echo product. The Amazon Alexa lets the users of Echo devices use them as the intercoms using the simple feature which in in-built, called the ‘Drop In”.

How to configure the Amazon Alexa Intercom:-

In order o configure the Amazon Echo as the intercom; you first need to know as to what each device in your home is called.

  • Start the Amazon Alexa app on the smartphone and then tap on option “Devices” located in bottom right corner. This screen will present a particular choice on the top corner of the screen which will make you view all the Amazon devices plugged on the home network or all of the devices that have Alexa enabled on them. While the Amazon devices let the user use this Drop in feature for communication in other rooms, the other devices of Amazon like from Sonos, won’t help you sue this feature.

  • Tap on the button “Echo & Alexa” and see the list for all the Amazon devices. Each of these Amazon Alexa devices will have their own names assigned to them that a user can use to direct their command.

  • After the user knows of the name of all the Amazon Alexa enabled devices, then they can simply use the command for Drop In. in order to talk to the other room with an Echo dot and named Master Bedroom; user needs to say the command “Alexa, drop in on Master Bedroom”. The device in the master Bedroom will start to chime and the light of it will turn to Green color. As it happens, the user will be able to listen to the conversations going in that room through their device as well as the person in another room will hear what is going in the user’s room.

  • For stopping this connection, the user needs to say the command, “Alexa, hang up”.

Making an Announcement:-

For those of you who are not keen about this 2-way conversation, you can make use of the Announce feature. This will allow for a user to send a message to all of their Alexa enabled devices; despite there are from Amazon or not.

  • The user needs to say the command, “Alexa, Announce”.
  • Alexa will then ask the user what the user needs to say. After this, state the message and then all of the Alexa devices on the home network will start to chime and then play that particular message.

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