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How-to guide to soft or factory reset the Nintendo Switch for fixing glitches and software issues

If you are an owner of a Nintendo Switch and are troubled with the constant freeze-ups, lags or experiencing some other form of glitches on your console, then the one option you can try to fix this problem is to do a soft reset of your console. This might help get the system of the Nintendo Switch running properly once more. This soft reset is a simple thing like turning your Nintendo Switch off and then turning it back on. 

As for the other method, it involves wiping off the entire data from your Nintendo Switch and makes it like it was before the purchase. This type of reset is called a factory reset, and after doing this reset, you can either give it to anyone or send it for repair.

For our readers, we have laid down the how-to guide to soft or factory reset the Nintendo Switch to fix the software issues and glitches down below.

Soft reset:-

Step 1:-

Your Nintendo Switch console has a small round button located on the top of the console which is called the Power Button. Hold it down for a few seconds and the console will power off all its systems.  This whole Turning Off process does not take longer than 15 seconds.

Step 2:-

After waiting for a few minutes, turn the Nintendo Switch console back On again by pressing the same power button once more.

Step 3:-

When you press the power button for switching the console On, it is going to show the logo of Nintendo and will turn after a few seconds.

As for the time you want to do a full sweep of all the data on your console, you need to perform a  factory reset on the console and for that, you need to follow the down below method.

Factory reset:-

Step 1:-

Under the Games and Apps tab of the Nintendo Switch console, open the “System Settings page”. The icon for this tab is in gray gear shape.

Step 2:-

Scroll down the System Settings menu on the left side of the screen. At the bottom of the menu, there is an option “System”. Select it.

Step 3:-

Now scroll down the System menu and at the very bottom, there will be the option stating “Formatting Options”. Now select this option.

Step 4:-

Now scroll down this menu screen to select the option “Initialize Console”.

Step 5:-

The next screen will ask for confirmation which you can give by clicking the potion “Next”.  This will start the factory reset on the console.

It is going to take a few minutes until all the data on the Formatting Options is wiped clean.

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