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How to know if your home internet is good for the Google Stadia

Earlier last week, Google announced to the world about their new gaming platform Google Stadia where Google announced that this new platform will allow gamers to play the games with their highest visual settings without a need to buy any new hardware. For this, you need to buy a device that runs a Chrome browser and then you are all set to play.


Stadia is like the new Netflix for the games. The game will not be running on your device but it will actually be running on the powerful computing systems that are located in the Google data center. You will actually be only streaming the video of the game that you are playing for which you are going to be in need of a stable internet connection.

Powerful Computer System

For this, you need only one thing and that is to have a stable internet connection as Google Stadia is going to be launched sometime this year.

Recommendation from Google:-

For their first Stadia Connect Livestream, Google recommends the internet speeds that are required which you can see in the screenshot from Google down below.

Recommendation from Google

Stadia will be able to run games on a variety of resolutions with the minimum being the 720p that is going to require an internet connection of 5 to 10 Mbps.

For 20 Mbps connection users will allow gaming of 1080p resolution and will also get 5.1 surround sound capabilities.

Doom Eternal

For those users that have a 4 TV set, they are going to need an internet connection of 35 Mbps that will deliver 4K resolution along with HDR and 5.1 surround sound features.

How To Test Your Internet Connection:-

How To Test Your Internet Connection

There are a few ways to actually find out your intent connection compatibility with your internet connection. For one there is a test page presented by Google itself which lets the user know the internet download speed of a connection they are using. You can test the speed at the following URL

check your Connection

In addition to this for users with Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, they can test their download speed from the following console settings.

  • For Xbox One console you need to go to “Xbox network settings menu” and hit the “Detailed Network Statistics”.
  • For PlayStation 4 console you need to go to the PS4 network settings menu and hit the “Test Internet Connection”.

What are those numbers:-

What are those numbers

The download speed obtained from these tests will be the speed at which your internet connection can receive the data from the Google Data Center. A fast download speed means that you will be able to stream games in high quality with lesser buffering.

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