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How to talk to short people

It is quite normal for some societies where tall people most of the time have a certain advantage as compared to short people. The groups of short people in our societies get overlooked quite often than we think. While many people might consider short height to not be a great thing, it certainly has its advantages. Still, short people do know that they have certain disadvantages in their society. In order to attract people around them, they tend to transform their own personalities. This stellar personality transformation is one of the main reasons that people often consider them to be fun for hanging with. If you are someone who is a tall person then you need to learn how to talk to short people. This is for understanding their mental state and thinking of them as equal.

Conversely, there is no real formula there that can help to talk people to short people. The best method for talking to short people is identical to speaking to any other normal person. One needs to be respectful to them as they are also humans. Still, there are a few things which one must avoid do when they talk to short people.

Try making eye contact during conversation properly

The one thing you need to do for talking to short people is to maintain proper eye contact. As for the best way to achieve this eye contact; one needs to take a step or two away from a short person. With a greater distance, it will be easier for you to maintain proper eye contact. this will also ensure that the short person will not have to strain their neck to maintain eye contact.

Avoid squatting in front of them

When conversing with a short person, one must never bend, kneel, or squat. The ideal way of talking to a short person is to stand straight. This allows them to feel equal to you. If not and you are in a public place, this draws attention to a short person and makes them feel like an alien in society. Some might also consider this action to be that of an insult.

Try not to remind them about their shortness

There is no need to remind a short person that they have a disadvantage of the height. This is the reason short people often tend to stand in front of others in a group photo without a need to tell them. So while you are talking to a short person, do not mention their height. They take it as an insult and in worst cases, they might reply back with an insulting answer.

Refrain from calling them names

When meeting up with short people, refrain from calling them names which might be disrespectful to their height. Refrain using names such as midget, baby doll, teeny tiny, tiny temper, or munchkin. If you want to know how to call out to them properly, the best way is to call such a person with their last or first name. This helps to smoothen things in a conversation.

Show Empathy while you are with them

Short people tend to love the fact when people show empathy towards them. This makes them feel comfortable around such an empathetic person. Empathy helps you to understand things from their perspective and how their everyday problems are affecting them and how they are coping with them.

Empathizing with a short person allows you to see the world walking in tier shoes. With your compassion, they tend to open up with you and share their inner thoughts with you.

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