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Huge Skeletons Rose From the Middle of the Street In Mexico To Celebrate The Day Of The Dead

In order to celebrate the Mexican celebration “The Day of The Dead”, huge skeletons have appeared out in the middle o the streets of Mexico City. These sculptors of the skeleton have become the main attraction for the people living in the neighborhood of Tlahuac.

These huge skeleton sculptors measure as long as 7 feet and 11 feet in width. The creators behind these huge skeleton sculptors have set the tone for the whole festival which is celebrated in honor of the lives of the ones who have departed this mortal world.

In order to create a perfect illusion as if the huge skeletons have risen out of the streets in broad daylight, piles of concrete have been placed on the point of their entry.

These lively huge skeleton sculptors are the igneous creation of a man named Jaén Cartonería and his team of artisans, which are his own family. They have embraced the tradition of celebrating this festival for honoring the dead in a unique way for the last 8 years.

Jaén Cartonería makes use of the papier-mâché for creating these huge skeleton sculptors and then paints them in a way as if these skeletons are smiling.

The Day of the Dead is a holiday of Mexican people where the family and the friends all gather for praying and remembering the loved ones who have long since died. These prayers and remembrances are done to help them support their spiritual journey in the afterlife. In the Mexican cultures, the death of any living being is considered as a part of the natural cycle. This is the reason that the people in Mexico do not take this holiday as a sad one but a one filled with joy and happiness. They believe that on this day, as they remember their deceased loved ones, they come and spend this holiday with them.

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