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iPad Pro is now able to run the Fortnite at 120 frames per second

A new update has been released by Epic Games for Fortnite’s iOS version. This new update will now unlock the niche but still a very cool feature that; if the user has the right hardware to support it, will allow the latest iPad Pro model from 2018 to run the Fortnite at about 120 frames per seconds.

This new 120 frames per second update of Fortnite will be making the most out of the high refresh rate for delivering the ultra-smooth gaming performance. In addition to this improved gameplay, this Fortnite update will also be adding support for the thumbstick buttons of the controller.

Checking the 120 frames per second on a few levels of the Fortnite while playing it on iPad Pro gives the users a definitive difference in the gameplay. While the frame rate of the game doe drops down to about 100 or 90 fps, which happens if you play the game for few hours, but the new update of Fortnite does deliver the 120 fps as per advertised.

Enabling the new mode does drop the resolution automatically as well as fixes the visual settings on medium just like when the payer plays the game on the 60 fps with the high settings and 30 fps on the epic settings.

The first update by Epic Games for the 60 fps rate was also offered on the iOS version of the game back in 2018 with the launch of iPhone XS and XR. At that time, it was the sole option for playing Fortnite a the 60 fps as Nintendo Switch Fortnite version restricted the gameplay at 30 fps; despite any of the high-end Android smartphones now supporting the faster frame rate.

Fortnite now runs on Xbox One and PS4 at about 60 fps and as for the PC version of the game, it can be run on any frame rate that the hardware is capable of.

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