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Johan Huibers; a Dutchman built the Noah’s Ark replica for 1.6 million dollars and the interior details of it are stunning

Back in 1993, a Dutchman named Johan Huibers was reading his children a bedtime story about Noah’s Ark and while reading them he got a crazy idea in his mind. The idea was to build himself a replica of the Noah’s Ark. When he told his wife, she laughed at him and even teased him by saying that, “when it’s finished, we will all go for a vacation to the moon”. However, Johan Huibers despite this lack of support in his idea never gave up on it and finished the first version of his dream back in 2006. However, he was not completely satisfied with this first model of his as he claimed it b only half the size of the one that was mentioned in the Bible.

In 2008, Johan Huibers joined some amateur carpenters and started to build his own life-sized replica of the Noah’s Ark.

Johan Huibers

Noah’s Ark

The replica was completed in 2012 and was opened for public viewing. The construction of this Biblical Boat nearly cost 1.6 million dollars. Johan Huibers later admitted to media that, “we are not the professional boat maker so most of the things built inside are a bit crooked.”

Biblical Boat

The Ark’s interior details are hard to be not amazed at.  It is complete with wooden models of animals like Gorillas, elephants, and Rhinos just like they were mentioned in the Bible. This Noah Ark became a popular attraction for people in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Unfortunately, the attraction has been closed for public viewing due to the clash between Johan Huibers and the town’s officials.


The Ark was built by builders as per the specifications mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. This replica has a steel frame and the wood used for its construction is American Cedar and Pinewood.


The boat is nearly 75 feet in height, 95 feet in width, and 410 feet in length and weighs about 2500 tons. The boat has the capacity to fit in almost 5000 people at a time. It constructor had plans to sail it to Rio, Brazil back in 2016 but due to safety concerns, his plan fell through.


His new plan is to sail this boat all the way to Israel. When asked why there, he said, “it’s the copy of God’s ship and it is appropriate that it should be taken to the God’s land”.  He planned to take it there as soon as it was completed but wildfire incidents in Israel compelled him to halt his travel plans.


At the moment Johan Huibers is looking for donations to take his masterpiece to Israel from good Samaritans. The ship has no motor so he needs to rent tugboats to sail it there. All of this could approximately cost 1.3 million dollars or the complete journey.



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