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Kenya has its First Water Treating Solar Plant Installed That Can Transform The Ocean Water To Safe Drinking Water

This fact is going to be heart-wrenching but this is in fact true. Nearly 2.2 billion people around the world are devoid of the basic human necessity which is the clean drinking water. This is an alarming situation for a planet that is comprised of nearly 71 percent with this life-giving element. This is going to be a rather alarming thing for the future of humanity. The question is that 71 percent of the water is in seas and how this salty sea water can be transformed into fresh drinking water? The answer to this question ahs been answered in one small town of Kenya located close to the border of Somalia.

This is a water treatment plant powered by solar power and was invented by the NGO named GivePower. The first water treating pant was installed as a pilot test in the village called Kiunga and it has already caused massive improvement to the overall lifestyle of the people living there. The foundation is now seeking to install this technology in other water-deprived areas around the world.

This is the water treatment plant that helps to convert the salty seawater into fresh and pure drinking water.

one of every 3 persons in the world does not have access to the fresh drinking water as per the reports of UNICEF and the WHO. These conditions are particularly worse for people living in the sub-Saharan parts of Africa. This was the main reason behind planting this plant there first to convert the seawater of the Indian Ocean into the clean water. The plant has been operational for the last 1 year.

The whole project was funded by the NGO named GivePower and now the success of this pilot project has allowed them to work in the areas of other countries such as Haiti and Colombia.

This water treatment system is able to produce drinking water for nearly 35000 individuals per day.

This de-sanilization plant makes uses of high levels of energy making the whole process quite expensive. The solution to this problem was made possible by the NGO in the form of the Solar Water Farms. This project is to install the solar panels which can generate the power of nearly 50 kilowatts per day. The energy is stored in the Tesla batteries and causes 2 water pumps to operate at full capacity round the clock.

Before this plant was installed, the people of the village had to travel a distance of nearly 1 hour to get access to the water that was also really dirty.

Before the plant could provide them with fresh water, they had to rely on the salty dirty water for washing their belongings as well as use it for drinking and bathing. Due to the too much salt in the seawater, they had scars on their stomach as the salt penetrated through their skin wounds. People were basically positioning themselves and their families by using this water, says the president of GivePower, Hayes Barnard. Below is the institutional video from the NGO, GivePower.

In order to help decrease the water scarcity in the area, they are planning to build even more water treatment plants.

The NGO has also made efforts to install solar panels in nearly 2500 schools, emergency services and businesses in 17 countries across the world. In addition to this, they are also raising money for funding more of these Solar Water Farms to help improve the health of a large underprivileged population.

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