Kids of an Irish politician hacked their father’s facial recognition lock in an easy way

Nowadays facial recognition might be a norm for any smart device but the fact is that these facial recognition locks can be broken easily by even a kid.

One Irish politician actually found this lesson the hard way after he did not know the reason as to why his laptop battery was always drained. As it turns out his kids were using his laptop and to bypass the facial recognition feature on the laptop, they were making use of one of his campaign flyers which had a prominent picture of his face.

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy, the representative of the Midlands Northwest constituency made a tweet on his Twitter account last month, “as it turns out, my kids have been using my election leaflets as a way to get through the facial recognition lock on my laptop.”

While it might not be an impressive move 0f a master hacker, it is still effective in its own right. Of course, this is not the first incident where the facial recognition lock has been broken by simple methods. OnePlus 6’s facial lock could also be easily unlocked with the help of a 3D printed facial mask.

All of this leads to the experts questioning the authenticity of the biometric security as a source of security for user’s devices.

As for the Irish Politician, Carthy, his feelings to his kids bypassing the facial recognition are mixed as he says,

“I am not quite sure whether to be proud at the wit of my children or to be concerned about their sneakiness.”

While if any of you out there learned a lesson from this incident, we recommend you guys start using an “Alphanumeric Passphrase” to keep your device and data secured from any potential hacker.  Who knows there might be a little hacker lurking in your own house!!!!

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