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Lady Gaga gives Live Performance at a private Apple concert for a tribute to the Steve Jobs

Did you hear the news about the private Lady Gaga concert that took place on May 17th?

Well, how could have you heard about it. The reason is unless you are someone who works at the Apple Park, which is the massive Spaceship design headquarters of the tech giant that is located in the Cupertino, you could have not heard about it.

The concert was a private one where the Singer slash actress performed a live performance concert for Apple only employees last Friday. The concert was held in order to formally open up Apple’s new campus along with a way to pay the tribute to Apple’s late founder, Steve Jobs.

According to the tech media, the concert was performed by the actress and her crew at a stage designed by Jony Ive which was decked with a rainbow arch located inside the ring of Apple Park.

According to the tech giant’s own intranet AppleWeb, the stage which is being dubbed as Apple Stage was consistent of a platform and a rainbow structure which was made from 25000 parts. These parts were manly of aluminum frames which were used for quick assembly and after the concert ended, the quicker disassembly.

This was the first event of the stage and for that Apple decked many parts of its new campus with numerous rainbow-colored decorations. These rainbow decorations are a throwback reminder to the company’s Multi-colored logo which they used in their early days.

As per the pictures on social media, various staircases of the campus also covered the special rainbow treatment.

And of course, employees were offered rainbow-colored Coffee cups as well.

Still, the main attraction of the show was the famed singer Lady Gaga.

Gaga took the crowd with her on an impressive musical journey as she sang all of her renowned songs such as ‘Shallow’, ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Poker Face’.

Lady Gaga also had a little something to say of her own views as well after the concert came to an end and we could not agree more with her.

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